About Us


      Our family moved to Paso Robles eighteen years ago and have completely fallen in love with the unique culture that this town instills. We are a Peruvian family of four that includes two daughters. Our first daughter is currently attending her last year at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and is pursuing a degree in Economics. She is an integral part of this business and serves as our backbone in building our coffee business here in the United States. Our second daughter, although young, is also very enthusiastic in continuing the coffee business.

      We are descendants from coffee-growing families that first began cultivating in the 1920s. Our family has coffee in our blood and a genuine love and passion for coffee. We thank our predecessors for passing down the amazing coffee culture and we hope we can continue this tradition.

        Our own story begins in 2004 with twenty-five acres of land. We had an immense dream of producing coffee as our past relatives did but we also had an even bigger dream of one day exporting our coffee to the United States to be able to share the greatness of Peruvian coffee. This dream became reality in 2018 when we established our business here in California, Nano's Coffee Trading LLC. We have successfully imported our coffee beans to the United States and are extremely excited to delve into the American market under our family name. 

        In our "finca" Vista Grande, which has now grown to about sixty acres, we are involved with every step of the production of our coffee. From the planting, cleaning, maintenance, and handpicking the cherries to the washing and peeling of the cherries and ultimately to roasting the green coffee beans. We stand behind our coffee because of how involved we are in its process and we can without a doubt ensure a high quality product. But you will be the ones to decide, we cannot wait for everyone to try our coffee.